Professional individual portraits photoshoot in New York, Eugene Krasnaok

Individual portrait photoshoots are a wonderful way to capture the unique personality, beauty, and essence of an individual.

Whether it's for personal or professional purposes, a skilled photographer can create stunning portraits that reflect the subject's individuality.

What does an individual portrait photography process look like?

  1. The process of photoshoot individual portrait photography typically begins with a consultation when we discuss the vision, goals, and expectations for the photoshoot. This includes determining the purpose of the portraits, preferred style, and any specific requirements or ideas.
  2. Once the details are agreed upon, I will assist in planning the logistics, such as selecting a date, time, and location. I also can provide suggestions for wardrobe, props, or any other elements that will enhance the portraits.
  3. On the day of the shoot, I will guide you through various poses and expressions to capture a range of images. I will provide directions, and make use of lighting techniques. I always try to create a comfortable and relaxed environment to bring out the best in you.
  4. After the photoshoot, I will carefully select and edit the best images to ensure they meet the desired aesthetic. This will include color correction, retouching, and enhancing the overall quality. The final edited images will be uploaded to your personal online gallery. There you will be able to download files or book printing versions (albums, posters, pictures in frames, etc.).

What kind of photos can we take?

Personal portraits can be captured in many different ways, depending on your personality, preferences, and photoshoot goals.

  1. Traditional Portraits focus on capturing your face and often emphasize natural beauty and expression. You can pose against a plain background or in a studio setting.
  2. Environmental Portraits place you in a specific location or setting that is relevant to your identity or profession.
  3. Lifestyle Portraits aim to capture you in the natural environment or engaging in your favorite activities. These photos reflect the person's personality, interests, and passions, resulting in authentic and candid images.
  4. Candid Portraits capture you in unposed and spontaneous moments. I am trying to capture your natural expressions and emotions, creating genuine and captivating images that showcase your personality.
  5. Fine art portraits focus on creating artistic and visually striking images. These portraits often incorporate creative lighting, props, and poses to evoke a specific mood or convey a deeper meaning.
  6. Conceptual Portraits push the boundaries of traditional photography by incorporating imaginative and creative concepts.
  7. Black and White Portraits have a timeless and classic appeal. By removing color, these portraits emphasize textures, lighting, and facial features, creating a sense of elegance and depth.
  8. Fashion Portraits portraits focus on showcasing your style and fashion sense. We can create visually stunning images that highlight clothing, accessories, and overall aesthetics.
  9. Dramatic Portraits make use of lighting, shadows, and expressive poses to create striking and impactful images.
As soon as you are browsing my webpage you can recognise the style I’m working in. But, anyway, I am always open to fresh and interesting ideas.

What are the options?

Individual photoshoots can be organized in a studio, outdoors, or at home. I can help you to choose the location when discussing the idea and the photoshoot target.

When shooting outdoors, or any other place than the studio we can also need extra light equipment. If I do not have something we require for your photoshoot in my possession we can rent it.

You can choose your wardrobe, ensuring it aligns with the purpose and style of the photoshoot.

Individual photoshoot is usually a 1-2 hour photoshoot. It includes help with outfits, posing locations, any preparation and help you need from me. During the 1-hour photoshoot, you can change 1-2 locations.

In 7-10 weekdays you’ll get at least 50 photos with color correction and retouch in color or b&w. They will be uploaded to the digital gallery. In this gallery, you will also have an option to order pictures for printing and albums.

The price of a 1-hour photoshoot is $450, every extra hour +$350.

If you want to book the individual photoshoot, contact me in any comfortable way:
WhatsApp, call +16143774640
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
What do people say?
I had the pleasure of working with Eugene for my graduation photoshoot. This was my first time working with a professional photographer- Eugene was very professional, made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, and was very patient. His work is top quality and is very responsive to emails. I would highly recommend booking Eugene.
Tania A. May, 8 2023
Eugene is one of the best photographers you'll ever come across. I equate him to a 'Diamond in the Rough'. A rare find. I hired him to take some model photos for my social media/music marketing and he literally blew me away with the results. The pictures look so amazing, none of this would be possible if not for Eugene's awesome skills. I don't know much about modeling, I don't have much experience, but that didn't put a damper on this shoot at all. Eugene was able to work with me and be patient. I am elated with the final result. If you are looking for a photographer to take some professional photos for you, Eugene is definitely your guy. 5 Stars.... 11 stars if I could.
Jihad P. Sep 25, 2022
An overall fantastic experience working with Eugene - professional , pleasure to work with and the quality of the photos is amazing!. Would work with him again on any photography projects.
David K. Oct 28, 2022
In conclusion, individual portrait photoshoots offer a unique opportunity to capture your essence and beauty. Whether it's for personal or professional purposes,we can create stunning portraits that showcase your personality and individuality.
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