What to wear to the INDIVIDUAL photoshoot?

When it comes to choosing clothes for photography, my clients sometimes get a little confused. We always want to look beautiful and confident, but making a choice is quite difficult. So I've put together a few ideas that you'll find helpful in preparing for your photo shoot.

Use your go-to outfit. / Dress up.
Everyone has a go-to outfit that they choose when going out with friends, the outfit that fits perfectly and makes them feel fabulous.

Fit your style to your location. If you’re looking for an urban feel in your photo shoot, aim for an outfit that’s a little bit casual, a little bit edgy, and very much you.

You can adapt your style to whatever is trending in your area, but bold patterns, denim (like skinny jeans), and perfectly chosen accessories are all typical go-to elements.

Go monochrome

Choosing timeless fashion is a good idea for your photoshoot outfits.

Clothing and make-up should complement skin tone, hair, and eye color.

Highlight your best asset. Wearing something that highlights your best asset during your session will give you a boost of confidence throughout the shoot that will definitely show in your final images.

Dark clothing tends to slenderize. Darker clothing helps to blend the bodies with the background so that the faces are the most important part of the photograph. Dark colors definitely tend to slenderize the subject.

Light clothing can look beautifully fresh. If you are worried about not appearing slender then it is safer to avoid white. White can look beautifully simple and fresh. White shirts and/or blouses under a dark jacket are perfect.

Don’t over-accessorize! Overbearing or heavily noticeable accessories can be a major distraction. Simple and minimal works best.
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