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Commercial photography is an essential component of businesses' branding strategies. High-quality images can help showcase a brand's products or services, attract customers, and convey the company's message. Advertising photography in New York City has been instrumental in creating and promoting brands across various industries.

What does a commercial photography process look like?

Commercial photography involves a range of processes, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. It starts with a consultation between the photographer and the client to identify the business's objectives and the images required to meet those goals.

I always work with the client to develop a plan that includes selecting a location, models, and props, as well as setting up the lighting and camera equipment. We can make a moodboard for the photoshoot to organise the ideas and to see the picture the client wants to get. When hiring a professional photographer you will have a lot of pre-photoshoot work, but it will always be worth it.

Once the photoshoot is complete, I will select the best images and perform post-production editing. This includes color correction, retouching, and adding special effects, as needed. The final images are then delivered to the client in the desired format, whether that is for online use, print, or advertising. Usually, I upload them to a digital gallery that can be easily shared between employees to use as marketing materials.

What kinds of photos do I take on a commercial photoshoot?

Commercial photography encompasses a variety of styles and types of images, depending on the business's needs. Here are some common types of commercial photos:

  1. Product Photography: This type of photography involves capturing images of products in a way that highlights their features and benefits. This can include images of the product alone, as well as lifestyle shots that show the product in use.
  2. Portrait Photography: Portrait photography is used to capture headshots of employees or team members, as well as images of models or actors to promote the brand's image.
  3. Lifestyle Photography: Lifestyle photography showcases products or services in use, such as images of people enjoying a meal at a restaurant or using a product in a natural setting.

We can take different kinds of photos during the photoshoot. For example, for real estate we can focus on product photography but also include portraits of managers or happy clients.

What are the options?

Commercial photoshoots can be organized in a studio, outdoors, in your store, office, or any other place related to your business. I can help you to choose the location when discussing the idea and the photoshoot target.

When shooting outdoors, or any other place than the studio we can also need extra light equipment. If I do not have something we require for your photoshoot in my possession we can rent it.

During the photoshoot (especially clothing) we will need an assistant. It could be someone from your side or from mine. This person is to help lining clothes, correcting hair and accessories, so you need less retouch of the photos. It is always better to gather a team: stylist, makeup artist, assistant, photographer, videographer. This way customers or managers will be able to focus on the picture we are getting.

In addition to the standard commercial photography services, you can consider video production. Video production can be used to create commercials or other promotional content that showcases a brand's products or services.

How much does a commercial photoshoot cost?

The price of the advertising photoshoot is $450/per hour.
It includes preparation: help with idea, location, extra light equipment.
All pictures will be uploaded to your personal digital photo gallery.

You'll have the opportunity to review and select your favorite images to be used in prints, advertising, or digital copies. In 7-10 weekdays, I’ll upload pictures with color correction and retouch (at least 30).

If you want to book an extra hour it will cost an additional $400. Studio and travel fee is not included in the price. Up to 20 miles of travel is free.

If you want to book the photoshoot for a marriage proposal, contact me in any comfortable way:
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photo by Eugene Krasnaok
photo by Eugene Krasnaok
photo by Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
What do people say?
Love his passion and understand all our matters. We are 100% sure to work with him again and again!
Kenny Pyun - CEO in KLEEP
Great work and super professional and flexible. Eugene was very easy to work with and knew exactly what we needed to make our company photoshoot a hit.
Andrew G. Apr 19, 2022
Eugene was such a pleasure to work with! He is flexible and has an amazing eye - i told him the "story line" for the product and he took the concept and turned it into magic! Im attaching some behind the scenes images - but will upload the professional ones when he sends them over tomorrow! We shot videos and images and he was so amazing.
Cristina S. May 18, 2022
Overall, commercial photography in New York is a crucial tool for businesses looking to enhance their brand's image and attract customers.

If you are running a small business or medium-sized business in hiring professional photographer can be a game changer. I can create high-quality images that will effectively communicate their message, show your services or products in the best way and set them apart from your competitors.
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