Professional product photoshoot in New York, Eugene Krasnaok

Product photography plays a crucial role in showcasing and promoting products in various industries, ranging from e-commerce to advertising. High-quality product photos can significantly impact consumers' perception and purchasing decisions.

What does a product photography process look like?

Product photography involves a range of processes, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. It starts with a consultation to identify the business's objectives and the images required to meet those goals.

I always work with the client to develop a plan that includes selecting an idea, location, and props, as well as setting up the lighting and camera equipment. We can make a moodboard for the photoshoot to organize the ideas and to see the picture you get.

Once the photoshoot is complete, I will select the best images and perform post-production editing. This includes color correction, retouching, and adding special effects, as needed. The final images are then delivered to the client in the desired format, whether that is for online use, print, or advertising. Usually, I upload them to a digital gallery that can be easily shared between employees to use as marketing materials.

What types of product photography shots do I do?

  1. Product Shots. These photos focus solely on the product itself, highlighting its features, design, and details. Product shots often include multiple angles to provide a comprehensive view of the item. These images are commonly used for e-commerce platforms, catalogs, and product listings.
  2. Lifestyle Shots: Lifestyle photos depict the product being used or integrated into a real-life context. They showcase the product in action, demonstrating its functionality, benefits, and potential applications. Photos from product photoshoots with a model will help consumers visualise how the product fits into their lives and can be used for marketing materials and social media campaigns.
  3. Detail Shots: Detail shots zoom in on specific parts or components of the product to highlight intricate details, craftsmanship, or unique features. These images can be particularly useful for products that have fine textures, patterns, or complex designs, for example, beauty product photoshoots.
  4. Packaging Shots: If the product comes in attractive packaging, it's essential to capture images that showcase the packaging design and presentation. Packaging shots can be taken alongside the product or as standalone images, emphasizing the branding and aesthetics of the packaging.

Where can you use product shooting?

  1. E-commerce: Photoshoot for online products requires good preparation and involvement. Online retailers rely heavily on high-quality product photos to showcase their inventory accurately. E-commerce product photoshoots will give you clear and attractive images that are crucial for capturing potential customers' attention, conveying product details, and building trust in the online shopping experience. Photoshoot for Amazon products is one of the most popular services I provide.
  2. Advertising and Marketing: Product photos are extensively used in print and digital advertising campaigns, such as magazine ads, billboards, social media promotions, and website banners. These photos aim to create visual appeal, capture the target audience's attention, and effectively communicate the product's key selling points. Marketing goals can be achieved by taking themed photoshoots, for example, it can be a Christmas product photoshoot or Valentine’s Day.
  3. Catalogues and Brochures: Product catalogues and brochures require a comprehensive range of images that highlight different products within a collection or lineup. These photos need to be consistent in style, lighting, and composition to maintain visual harmony and provide a cohesive representation of the product range.

How much does a commercial photoshoot cost?

The price of the advertising photoshoot is $400/per hour.
It includes preparation: help with idea, location, extra light equipment.
All pictures will be uploaded to your personal digital photo gallery.

You'll have the opportunity to review and select your favorite images to be used in prints, advertising, or digital copies. In 7-10 weekdays, I’ll upload pictures with color correction and retouch (at least 30).

If you want to book an extra hour it will cost an additional $400. Studio and travel fee is not included in the price. Up to 20 miles of travel is free.

If you want to book the photoshoot for advertisement, contact me in any comfortable way:
WhatsApp, call +16143774640
photographer Eugene Krasnaok
In conclusion, professional product photography is essential for effectively showcasing products and engaging potential customers.

By understanding the types of photos that can be taken, considering the targets and options available, and following the typical steps in the process, businesses can create visually appealing and impactful product images that effectively promote their offerings.

Collaborating with a skilled product photographer can greatly enhance the overall visual appeal and marketability of the products, leading to increased sales and customer engagement.
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